Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will businesses be open and accessible during construction?

A: Yes, all businesses will be open as usual throughout this project.

Q: What exactly is being done during this project?

A: The project involves complete pavement reconstruction of Howe Avenue (CR 602) from State Route (SR) 8 to Buchholzer Boulevard. The purpose of this project is to correct roadway deficiencies, optimize traffic operations, improve pedestrian safety and mobility, and improve roadway drainage. Five existing mast arm traffic signals will be replaced with new mast arm and which will be interconnected utilizing radio interconnection to improve traffic flow. A sound-based emergency vehicle pre-emption system will also be provided as part of the project. New LED signal heads with back-plates will be used along with a battery backup system for the proposed signals.

Q: Will the exits from State Route 8 be open during construction?

A: Beginning April 26, for a maximum of 35 days, traffic from State Route 8 will be detoured to the Tallmadge Avenue exit. Please visit the maps page (Phase 1) for additional details.

Q: Why is the detour pushing traffic toward route 8 instead of catering to people coming off highway?

A: Traffic flowing westbound allows Howe Avenue traffic the easiest access to all area businesses. Anyone heading westbound can access any business. Traffic coming from the highway can also easily access any business from Main St/Home Ave via the access roads without having to take the full detour.

Q: How do you plan to handle the influx of holiday traffic?

A: The project will be on hold during the winter season and traffic will be restored to 5 lanes as usual.